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  • Control Cable Management

    Over the years, I've built and refurbished quite a few control panels. Last year, I was tasked with cleaning up a rat's nest of control wiring in a packaging machine. The only way to make it right was to gut the panel and start from scratch.

    Now, even though the wiring was in disarray, the machine was still operational. However, when it did malfunction, troubleshooting was a nightmare. Over the years, the control cabling had been tugged, pulled, and generally left in a big ball of spaghetti.

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  • Wiremold Presents “Off the Wall” — and Over the Floor — Raceway

    In what it calls an “off the wall” move, Wiremold is offering its OFR Series Overfloor Raceway, taking traditional on-or-inside the wall raceway onto the carpet, concrete or wood floors of offices, schools, conference rooms and fitness centers.

    Wiremold promotes the OFR series as perfect for relocatable or permanent installations, citing quick and easy installation over existing floor coverings such as carpet or tile or wood without any need for alteration.

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  • Mesh Cable Tray as a Conduit Alternative

    Calling it a lower-cost, lower-risk and faster install, Cablofil offers its Wire Mesh Cable Tray as a conduit alternative, citing five reasons why mesh cable management beats conduit installation.

    Those five reasons include: fewer parts; a bolt cutter as the only install tool; adaptability to any installation; ease of forming sweeps and bends on-site; and, finally, single-person installation capability.

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  • Security Lighting Location and Design Guidelines

    Safety and security appear to go together when it comes to lighting. And in many cases, there is some overlap. Even so, for this article, let's use these definitions:

    • Safety lighting is used to protect people from potentially unsafe physical conditions. For example, stairwell lighting and lighting for dark work areas.

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  • Discover How Wireless Lighting Controls Offer Scalable Control, Simplify Installation and Save Energy

    University Lighting Retrofit Project:
    Lighting and lighting control has come a long way in the last 5 years, with LED technology largely replacing traditional fluorescent lighting fixtures. To take advantage of LED benefits, renovations in any office, classroom, or dorm almost always include a lighting and control upgrade.

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  • Lighting Industry Experts Develop Whitepaper on TLEDs: Examining TLED Lighting Scenarios in Retrofit Applications

    Now available--a technical whitepaper on TLED (Tubular Lighting Emitting Diodes) Lighting Scenarios for Retrofit Application Lighting created by industry experts from Lutron Electronics, the leader in energy-saving, wireless lighting and shade control. The paper will help facility managers and lighting professionals successfully select and install an appropriate TLED solution to retrofit existing fluorescent fixtures.

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