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  • Keeping Current on Voltage-Testing Options

    Among the most basic tasks for electrical contractors is testing for the presence – or absence – of electrical voltage. Whether it’s simply to determine if a system is de-energized and safe to work on, or part of a more complicated troubleshooting exercise, voltage testing is a critical element in any contractor’s job. Choosing the right tester can be more than an issue of convenience, it also can make a difference in an electrician’s productivity – and, more importantly, safety.

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  • Lighting Automation Still Requires a Contactor

    Lighting automation has bells and whistles, but a lighting contactor is necessary to switch the actual lighting circuits. Properly selecting lighting contactors can save installation and maintenance costs. What are some of the important considerations in addition to the correct voltage and current?

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  • Simple Strategies to Reduce Energy

    In new construction, sustainable building practices are becoming the norm. But even in existing buildings, simple strategies can be implemented quickly and easily to address inefficiencies, reduce energy use, improve comfort, and enhance productivity in the space.

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  • Less Work to Meet Safety Requirements

    Some facilities are changing their requirements for motor and appliance installations. This could be due to OSHA Lock-out and Tag-out requirements or NFPA 70E. The change is toward using pin and sleeve devices instead of having a hard-wired installation.

    Safety requirements often have the maintenance person checking for the absence of voltage before touching. The rules are quite specific and are enforced by OSHA.

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  • Panduit® StrongHold™ Electrical/Network Supports and Fasteners

    Panduit® StrongHold™ Electrical/Network Supports and Fasteners provide a reliable, high-quality solution for routing and securing power and communication cabling within commercial and industrial facilities to reduce the time and cost associated with cable management installation. These dependable supports and fasteners are designed to meet the regulatory requirements of NFPA 70 (National Electric Code), UL standards and other USA/Canadian building codes.

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  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) – No Battery, Maintenance-Free

    The Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) uses 24VDC input/output to provide 35W of power and 5 to 15 minutes Hold Time and is designed for critical networking and control applications such as industrial managed switches and human machine interfaces (HMI’s). The Industrial UPS uses Ultracapacitors instead of batteries, eliminating the #1 cause of conventional UPS failures, which lowers the risk of downtime - and there’s no need for costly and time consuming maintenance.

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