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  • Non-Metallic Enclosures Solves the Need for Major Utility Company to Reliably Protect Pump Controls in an Extremely Hot and Humid Environment

    The Situation:
    A large east coast utility company was experiencing failure of controls installed in manholes vaults underground that were monitoring the water level in steam tunnels and underground vaults. The controls managed floats and pumps for pumping water and fluid from steam tunnel vaults situated below city level.

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  • Shielded Conduit Protects Against RFI/EMI

    Three kinds of shielding provide maximum choice

    Many applications require shielding effectiveness from RFI and EMI interference. Stray voltage, current, and high frequency noise can damage circuits, interrupt performance, and initiate potentially dangerous actions. Shielding reduces these potential problems. Shielded conduit, especially where flexibility is required, provides a significant solution for the engineer.

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  • PVC-Free Conduit Jackets Limit Combustion Products

    LSZH Conduit
    Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is by far the most widely used jacketing material for electrical insulation, thanks to inherent benefits such as dry and wet electrical performance, flexibility, long life, fire retardance, cold temperature resistance, chemical resistance, and ruggedness. But in a fire, PVC releases fumes collectively called halogens that include hydrogen chloride, hydrogen fluoride, and hydrogen bromide gases, as well as other deadly combustion products.

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  • Business Information and the Cloud

    I've seen a lot of changes in business computing over the last three decades. Once upon a time, all you needed was a large enough closet to house a server or two. And, of course, some cable looms to keep your cabling neat and tidy.

    A rack system on the wall supported a few ethernet switches to handle incoming cables and route them to the servers. To keep things cool, an air conditioner was ducted into the space, ensuring the equipment wouldn't overheat.

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  • Siemens Offers Advanced Panelboard Options

    Siemens has come out with a couple of newer advanced Panelboard options for contractors and building maintenance staff.

    The first is a Title 24-Compliant PS Lighting Panel intended to meet various disaggregation requirements, with CT provisions for metering segregated loads with P2 panels with up to 400-amp buses in a 20 inch x 7.75 inch Type 1 or NEMA 3R enclosure.

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  • Data Center Products: More than Just Neat and Tidy

    In a previous article, I mentioned how data centers evolved from tiny spare closets to huge data-only facilities, often housed underground.

    There's no doubt that as the need for big data and other information increases, the data centers that gather and distribute this information will evolve as well. And, they're getting huge.

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