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  • Datacom Considerations

    From the early days of telegraph and POTS (plain old telephone systems) to today's modern IT infrastructures, the transmission of various forms of information has increased exponentially.

    Who would have guessed that the tap-tap-tapping of early telegraph operators would someday be replaced by data whizzing by at the speed of light?

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  • Confessions of a Toolbox Junkie

    Alright… confession time here. Ever since I first walked into the tool department at our local Sears®, I was hooked. And that was over 45 years ago!

    Most kids headed to the toys or sporting goods departments. Not me. It was straight to the screwdrivers, wrenches and saws. I was in paradise.

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  • Hubbell Lighting Offers New Line of Decorative LED Fixtures

    The new fixture family offers choices from three primary styles – cylinder and ring, cylinder or ring. With additional options, the three primary styles can be set into any of eleven different configurations.

    The cylinder includes concentric layers of light with a frosted and clear glass effect, while the extruded ring incorporates illumination technology to highlight a minimalist form factor with an internal flexible LED source.

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  • The Evolution of Safety in Wiring Device Design

    While Thomas Edison certainly recognized the inherent danger electrical current could pose, the safety of the wiring devices he and his competitors created, back in electricity’s early days, left a great deal to be desired. And, with their initial focus solely on lighting, these developers didn’t realize the speed with which electricity would transform all aspects of modern life. As a result, residential and commercial electrical systems of the early 20th Century were often cobbled-together rats’ nests of exposed wiring and improvised connections.

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  • Mersen Offers Advanced Fuse Protection

    Mersen has come up with two innovations to help companies and contractors identify, categorize, track and troubleshoot fuses for downstream protection.

    First, Mersen offers its SmartSpot feature on an expanding range of fuses. SmartSpot is, in essence, an indicator on the face of fuses that turns from silver to red when a fuse is blown or open.

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  • Today’s Receptacles Offering Powerful New Connections

    When wall receptacles were first developed, electricity, water and gas were really the only services homeowners and businesses were seeking to distribute throughout their buildings. Today, as we all know, is a different story. We might want a high-speed Ethernet connection at our workspace, video and audio connections in a conference room, and, almost everywhere in our homes and offices, USB connections for recharging our growing collection of battery-powered mobile devices.

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