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  • Viewing Office Lamps in a Different Light

    One of the fastest moving areas of lighting technological advancement is in the development of SSL, or solid-state lamps. The two main products in this market are LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) and OLEDs (Organic Light Emitting Diodes). What makes these lighting options so attractive is that, because of their design, a higher lighting efficiency is possible.

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  • IDW Data Helps Contractors Make Fast Work of Estimates

    For electrical contractors, unless an emergency is involved, getting a job generally means providing a cost estimate, first. And, especially if multiple contractors are competing for the same project, the accuracy of that estimate can mean the difference between turning a profit or taking a loss. Obtaining accurate materials pricing – a time-consuming process – is a critical piece in a successful estimate.

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  • Office Lighting Retrofits – Not Hard at All

    In an earlier article, we discussed LEDs, OLEDs and how the lighting industry was changing. In particular, how lighting was becoming more of a system than just fixtures on a ceiling or wall. And of course, we talked a little LED tech 101.

    You've probably realized that I'm a big fan of LED lighting. Every chance I get, LED fixtures are used in new installs, if available. Certainly, the availability of new fixture types increases all the time.

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  • Hubbell Updates Prescolite AKTM Series

    Prescolite AKTM track lighting is available in apertures of 2 inches, 2 3/4 inches or 4 inches, with between 900 and 2500 delivered lumens. All track heads utilize a 2-step MacAdam ellipse color consistency to deliver between 900 to nearly 3000 lumens.

    The track heads are compatible with numerous forward phase and reverse phase dimming controls, and with factory configurable beam spreads of 18 inches to 55 inches should fit just about any retail, hospitality or industrial application, Hubbell claims.

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  • Understanding Foot Switch Tech

    Foot switches have been around for a long time. They're useful in home, commercial and industrial settings. For example, my wife is a professional seamstress. Her sewing machine has a foot switch or pedal that controls both on/off functions and machine speed.

    In the industrial environment – my home away from home – the controls are built a bit differently. They need to stand up to more abuse. But, the same concept applies — using the foot to free up the hands for other duties.

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  • Acuity’s Lithonia Line Offers Retrofit Commercial LED Downlighting

    Acuity’s Lithonia Lighting brand offers its RV Series Retrofit Commercial LED downlighting for commercial and industrial applications.

    The RV Series provides packages that replicate light levels from traditional incandescent and fluorescent lamps in most common aperture sizes, ranging from 600 to 3000-delivered lumen values to replace comparable fluorescents at 18w CFL up to 2/32w CFL and incandescents from 65w BR30 to 300w BR40. The line can also be used to replace many if not all halogen and HID lamps.

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