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  • Is e-Learning
    Cost Effective?

  • The Benefits and Challenges of Selling Through Distribution

  • Do Contractors Use the Internet?

  • The Media Crush
    & the See-Do Gap

  • The Use of Video in Marketing

  • The Value of Introducing
    New Products

  • Smart Contracting, Estimating,
    and Pricing Jobs

  • Getting Your Products Specified, Estimating, and Pricing Jobs

  • Smart e-Catalog

  • What Manufacturers Don’t Know About How Estimators Select Their Products.

  • What is NetPricer

  • NetPak

  • Carmine the Contractor Speaks to Manufacturers

  • Carmine the Contractor Speaks to Other Contractors
  • eNewsletter Builder

  • Smart eCat for Manufacturers

  • Smart eCat for Distributors

  • Mobile App

  • Esmarts Webinar on
    Thru-Channel Marketing

  • Esmarts Bid Advantage

What Others Are Saying

  • Leviton's Marketing Manager
    Discusses Electronic Marketing

  • Romanoff Electric Talks About the Benefits of Using NetPricer

  • Why GE Lighting Thinks Electronic Marketing Makes Sense

  • Kate Johnston Describes How Electronic Marketing Has Benefitted GE Consumer Industrial

  • President Ken Hooper Talks About Mfg. Reps

  • BURNDY Talks About Online Marketing

Know the Industry

  • Distributors Ask Manufacturers For Needed Content - A panel of industry experts discuss using 21st technology in their day to day business .... more
  • 2015 Electrical Channel Media Planning Information -  Sorting Out Your Stats ...What You Need to Know About Metrics... more
  • Your Digital Domain: Digital Marketing in the Electrical Industry... more
  • Open For Business: Best Practices in Website eCommerce... more
  • What Manufacturers Need To Know About Contractor Bidding & How To Gain An Advantage
    - Part 1... more
  • What Manufacturers Need To Know About Contractor Bidding & How To Gain An Advantage
    - Part 2... more
  • Contractor Marketing 101 - What I Never Learned as an Apprentice... more
  • Contractors Software - Real-Time Remote Communication... more
  • The Top 10 Foreman's Complaints... more
  • 2008 Contractor Profile Study... more
  • EW's Top 200 Distributors... more
  • Institute for Supply Management Business Reports... more

Industry Update

  • < Rick Angel
    Senior Vice President
    Lutron Electronics

  • Ray Kennedy
    Senior Vice President
    Arlington Industries

  • Bruce Dunham
    National Sales Manager
    Connecticut Electric NAED 2010

  • Ken Hooper
    President of NEMRA
    November 2009

  • Paul Werthman
    Vice President of Marketing

  • Ken Hooper
    President of NEMRA

  • Warren Jenkins
    Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Distributor Partners

  • Distributor Content Package

  • Getting Spec’d into Bids Means Business

  • Expanded Search Capability

  • Sharing a Page from Smart eCat

  • Saved Lists in Smart eCat

  • Accessing the Data View
    in SMART eCAT

  • Burt Schraga - CEO/Chairman
    Bell Electrical

  • Steve Goldsworthy - VP Sales and Marketing
    Davis Wholesale

  • Distributor NetPak Gets You More Business

  • Distributor Website Content Package

Contractor Info

  • ConEst's George Hague discusses the value of Estimating Software.

  • David Brown, President of D. Brown Management discusses the business of contracting.

  • Sal Huerta, National Sales Manager, explains how NetPricer increases productivity.

  • Chris Goldsby of Nabholz Construction Corp. discusses general contracting.

  • Tips, Tricks and Pitfalls of Estimating (Part 1) with George Hague

  • Tips, Tricks and Pitfalls of Estimating (Part 2) with George Hague

  • Tips, Tricks and Pitfalls of Estimating (Part 3) with George Hague

  • Contra Costa Electric
    Matt Furrer - Branch Manager

  • Frischhertz Electric Gary Carron - Branch Manager

  • Tennessee Associated Electric Trip Lambert - Estimator

  • Thoma Electric Steve Arnold - Senior Estimator

  • Younger Holmes Rod D. Wohl - President

  • NetPricer Overview

  • Setting Up NetPak's NetPricer™ Service in Intellibid

  • NetPricer Overview

  • Best Bid NetPak Integration

  • eSmarts' NetPak Tip
    Smart eCat Overview

  • ProEst NetPak Services

  • ProEst NetPricer

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