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    New LED Offerings Make It Easy to Switch Things Up

    New LED Offerings Make It Easy to Switch Things Up

    As someone who’s been writing about LED lighting for almost a decade, I’ve gotten used to the terms “color temperature” and “light output,” and I now have a reasonably good idea about what to look for when shopping for my own lamps (aka, “bulbs”) and fixtures. But I still, on occasion, either realize I’ve chose the wrong lamp for a fixture or wish I could move between two color temperatures with the same luminaire.

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    2020 LED Lighting Catalog Cree, Inc.

    2020 LED Lighting Catalog

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    • Pull part number info into bid software or create lists
    • Search catalogs by keyword or part number

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    Atkore Calconduit/Calbrite/Calbond
    Electri-Flex Co.
    Lutron Electronics Co., Inc.
    Appleton Grp LLC
    Intermatic, Inc.
    Hubbell RACO/TayMac/Bell
    Arlington Industries, Inc.
    Hubbell Wiring Systems

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    EPCO - EPW1862

    FW 2-18 AWG ST BLW