Non-metallic QuickLatch™ with installed strut clip

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    Bluetooth for Lighting and More

    Bluetooth for Lighting and More

    In another article, we discussed the origin of the moniker for Bluetooth technology. If you haven't read it, make sure you do.

    We also talked about the first two iterations of Bluetooth tech—Bluetooth BR/EDR (Basic Rate/Enhanced Data Rate) and Bluetooth LE (Low Energy)—as well as their strengths and weaknesses.

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    Volume 9: OEM Eaton Corporation
    Eaton Corporation

    Volume 9: OEM

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    Manufacturer Spotlight

    Electri-Flex Co.
    Hubbell RACO/TayMac/Bell
    Arlington Industries, Inc.
    Intermatic, Inc.
    Lutron Electronics Co., Inc.
    Atkore Calconduit/Calbrite/Calbond
    Appleton Grp LLC
    Hubbell Wiring Systems

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    Manufacturer's catalog number: PDS-11-KK-1

    ECM Industries - PDS-11-KK-1

    ALM 1POLE(P)(1)3/8-16(S)(1)3/8-16 TUR KK
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