BURNDY Compression Grounding

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    Install Smart Submeters for More Intelligent Energy Control

    Install Smart Submeters for More Intelligent Energy Control

    Submeters have been around for a while. Submetering allows building owners to charge tenants equitably for their part of the facility's energy bills. Submetering is quite common for electrical usage. But it can be used for gas, water, and other utilities.

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    Electrical Products Catalog Galvan Industries Inc.
    Galvan Industries Inc.

    Electrical Products Catalog

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    TCP Lighting
    Lutron Electronics Co., Inc.
    Arlington Industries, Inc.
    Intermatic, Inc.

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    Manufacturer's catalog number: MS-VPS2-LA

    Lutron Electronics - MS-VPS2-LA

    Maestro 2A Vacancy Sensor Single Pole LA
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