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Yellow Lubricant,Ideal,1 GAL Bucket Capacity,For 77 Wire Pulling
Part #: 31-351
Yellow Lubricant,Ideal,1 GAL Bucket Capacity,For 77 Wire Pulling
Wire Stripper,Ideal,Reflex Premium T-6 T,Ergonomic Design HNDL
Part #: 45-416
Wire Stripper,Ideal,Reflex Premium T-6 T,Ergonomic Design HNDL
C STM STD 26,28,30,30GA
Part #: 45-1696
C STM STD 26,28,30,30GA
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    PowerBlade™ Cable Cutter
    PowerBlade™ Cable Cutter

    View a demonstration of how the PowerBlade™ Cable Cutter can save you considerable time on the jobsite. Works with almost any drill.

    IDEAL SLK™ Disconnect Fuse Kit
    IDEAL SLK™ Disconnect Fuse Kit

    A waterproof breakaway fuseholder for use in roadway and street lighting, parking lot and area lighting, and free-standing electric vehicle charging stations.


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  • A Screwdriver Times Seven
    A Screwdriver Times Seven

    The 7-in-1 Twist-A-Nut™ is a four-bit screwdriver, a two-way nutdriver and a universal wire connector wrench, all in a single tool. And its ergonomic non-slip Santoprene™ grip makes it as comfortable and easy-to-use as it is versatile. Visit for a complete product profile.


    1375 Park Avenue
    Sycamore, IL 60178

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  • Low-Voltage Systems Have Unique Testing Needs
    Low-Voltage Systems Have Unique Testing Needs

    Low-voltage copper cabling is a key ingredient in the structured-wiring installations common in almost all new residential construction today – and it’s a critical infrastructure component in any modern office space. Found in telephone wiring, local area network systems from CAT 5 to CAT 7 and coaxial cabling, low-voltage wire enables the communication of voice, data and video information. To test new installations and troubleshoot problems in existing systems, electrical contractors and system integrators need special tools designed with low-voltage requirements in mind.

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  • IDEAL Wire Connectors Offer Extra Ruggedness Needed in Wet, Underground Electrical Applications

    SYCAMORE, IL, JUNE 5, 2015 -- Ruggedness is the only word that counts when it comes to connecting electrical wiring underground or anywhere moisture, dirt and corrosion is a problem. IDEAL WeatherProof™ and UnderGround™ wire connectors come pre-filled with a non-hardening, silicone-based sealant to safeguard wiring from damaging elements for the longest-lasting, most reliable connections. Plus, they eliminate the need for heat-shrinking conductor splices, messy resin packs, or multi-step corrosion kits. Both exceed the rigorous test standards of UL 486D and are rated to 600V.

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  • IDEAL CCTV Systems SecuriTEST™ Pro
    IDEAL CCTV Systems SecuriTEST™ Pro

    Understand the benefits of a multi-function tester and how it helps speed up testing and troubleshooting of a completed CCTV installation.

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