Introducing a revolutionary, modular wireless lighting control solution for new and existing commercial buildings– with timeclock, demand response, energy monitoring, and BACnet integration.
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GR-Magic Cable Tray Solution
Chalfant Mfg Co

GR-Magic Cable Tray Solution

Cable tray installation has just gotten Faster, Stronger and Easier, with GR-Magic. Chalfant's self-connecting wire mesh cable tray solution. GR-Magic cable tray is a patented self-connecting wire mesh tray solution. The innovative, self connecting "magic" ends allow installers to connect tray lengths in a single snap. The secure connection is UL classified and tested to be a strong secure joint.
RACO Crushed Corner Exposed Work Covers Review and Installation
Hubbell RACO/TayMac/Bell

RACO Crushed Corner Exposed Work Covers Review and Installation

Exposed Work Cover Installation. Ideal for exposed work environments including situations with surface mounted boxes. The covers enclose the electrical box securing wiring connections while also providing a means to mount a variety of electrical devices within 4 inch square boxes.
Leviton Live New Orleans
Leviton Manufacturing Company

Leviton Live New Orleans

Join us for a private tour that brings to life the latest Leviton controls, network solutions, commercial, industrial, and residential solutions.

Electrical contractors, architects, builders, and other professionals can be immersed in a variety of business and residential settings to experience how Leviton innovation transforms a space from ordinary to extraordinary.  Visit
Floor Box Kit with Recessed Wiring Device
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