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Morris Products Introduces SmarToggle - The Only Stud/No-Stud Old-Work Box

Morris Products Introduces SmarToggle - The Only Stud/No-Stud Old-Work Box

Morris Products’ SmarToggle is a family of stud/no-stud old-work boxes, and the only product of its kind on the market. Designed by an electrician for electricians, the patented SmarToggle solution saves time, money, and labor. These old-work boxes combine the flexibility of a toggle-mount mid-wall box with the strength and stability of a stud-mount box. The SmarToggle family includes wall boxes in 1 through 4 gang, as well as ceiling boxes.

Superior design elements include 1-1/4” snap- in-place toggles that are designed to reach through two layers of drywall or other wall material. Other benefits include a center locator clip and pilot guide locator system that is designed to allow for rapid and accurate placement of boxes during installation, and a single-screw removable mounting block. SmarToggle boxes also feature no-drop tabs to prevent boxes falling through drywall openings. No other family of boxes has all these features combined into one, the SmarToggle family does.

Ceiling boxes include the STR round boxes with a built in pilot center guide and scoring burrs that trace the perfect sized hole. The STR and the ST1 ceiling boxes are rated to hold up to 50 lbs.
The Sawtooth ceiling box features an integrated hole saw, along with snap in place toggles, and an 8lb. ceiling rating.

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