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Arlington's Snap2It® Connectors NOW AVAILABLE in STEEL

Arlington's Snap2It® Connectors NOW AVAILABLE in STEEL

Arlington’s new, ONE-PIECE Snap2It® STEEL connectors offer easy, secure installation. And save time! Just push the cable into the connector and rotate it clockwise.

Available in 3/8" trade size, both connectors install into a 1/2" knockout, and are Listed for steel and aluminum AC, HCF, MCI and MCI-A cable. The tinted 40STS has more room inside for easier cable insertion. In Canada both connectors are Listed for use with AC90 and ACG90 cable.

Tested to UL 514B and Listed to meet UL ground fault requirements

Unscrew the connector counterclockwise to remove it from  the cable. Remove the connector from the box using a flat blade screw driver. There's no special tool needed. Release the snap tangs from the inside of the box while pulling the connector out of the knockout.

Packed in heavy-duty, 200 piece boxes
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