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Type 4X Electrical Products for the Food and Beverage Industry

Type 4X Electrical Products for the Food and Beverage Industry

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Your electrical and power infrastructure must be able to withstand washdown and other corrosive agents in demanding food and beverage processing facilities, which are cleaned and sanitized regularly. From production to packaging operations, here’s a quick overview of MENNEKES products that excel under these conditions and provide a high degree of performance, reliability and worker safety.

Switched and Interlocked Receptacles
. Ideal for portable power equipment, our switched and interlocked receptacles are UL Type 4X rated to protect against hosedown and corrosive liquids. Each unit includes an HP-rated ON/OFF switch, combined with a mechanical interlock mechanism, creating a safe way to plug and unplug equipment. This design eliminates the potential risk of an electrical arc since operators cannot disconnect machines under load.

SPEC Grade Stainless Sloped-Top Disconnects
. Our lineup of SPEC Grade Stainless Steel products includes the SLP disconnect model for critical washdown environments and processing areas. Like all SPEC Grade products, SLP units feature a 15-degree sloped roof for liquid runoff and are UL Type 4X and IP69 rated with multiple enclosure and switch sizes available. In addition, SLP units have an industry-standard mounting pattern, making them a true drop-in replacement for non-metallic HBLDS3 motor disconnects.

CDS Non-Metallic Disconnects. The industry’s first curved, non-metallic motor disconnect, the 30 Amp CDS Series, features a unique shedding design that eliminates standing water and debris in food and beverage washdown areas. Because you can’t run power into the top, you also avoid risks like water condensation ingress. CDS disconnects are ideal in areas where stainless steel is not required. CDS units are rated UL Type 4X and IP69K to withstand high-pressure washdown conditions. NSF-certified with a 30A, 25HP max rating, this series can satisfy most line disconnect requirements.

AMAXX® Customized Power Distribution. AMAXX is an innovative NEMA 4X enclosure system that you can customize according to various plant requirements. In demanding food processing environments, you can build AMAXX products to withstand high temperatures and corrosive washdown solutions.

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