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c3controls introduces new line of DC Miniature Circuit Breakers

c3controls introduces new line of DC Miniature Circuit Breakers

The new Series 1110 DC MCBs feature an industry-best rating of 250V DC per-pole, far greater than the highest per-pole ratings currently available

BEAVER, Pa. (February 1, 2024) - c3controls, a leading manufacturer of industrial control products, has launched a new line of Direct Current (DC) Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCBs), specifically designed for higher voltage applications with DC currents.  The new line of Series 1110 DC MCBs feature an industry-best rating of 250V DC per-pole, far greater than the highest per-pole ratings currently available from comparable DC MCBs, which top out at 125V DC.

Available in one- to four-pole constructions for circuit protection up to 1000V DC, with current ratings from 0.5A to 63A, the robust devices provide the most efficient short circuit and overload protection available, affording end-users significant cost, space and time savings.  They are UL 489B listed for photovoltaic renewable energy system applications. Additional target applications include EV charging stations, energy transmission and distribution networks and industrial control, such as powering the large motors used in robotic, automation and material conveyance installations.

With available shorting link variations connecting up to four poles in a series, end users can get 500V, 750V and 1000V DC ratings of protection from a device pre-wired at the factory, rather than having to perform time-intensive wiring in the field.  Space and cost savings can also be realized, for example, when 150V DC of protection is needed, it can be accomplished with a one-pole c3controls DC MCB, rather than the two-pole variety required from other control device manufacturers.  Additionally, in many energy storage applications requiring more than 125V DC of protection, the new c3 devices will provide a lower cost and space saving alternative to the larger and more expensive  fuses or molded case circuit breakers that were previously the best available option.

“The new Series 1110 DC Miniature Circuit Breakers represent one of the biggest launches for both c3controls and the greater controls market in quite some time.  There are currently no other circuit breakers of this product class that have the same ratings,” said Neil Buzzard, c3controls global product manager. “Not only does the new product line provide unmatched DC ratings, but its compact size will help customers save panel space and cost. A great example of c3’s core values of innovation and risk taking.”  

For more information and to configure the appropriate Series 1110 DC Miniature Circuit Breaker for a specific application visit:  

Additional features of the new c3controls DC MCBs: 

  • Full-range Protection: Available in one-, two-, three-, and four-pole constructions, C or D trip curves, and include both magnetic and thermal elements for overload and short circuit protection.
  • Short Circuit Current Rating: 10kA short circuit current rating on all constructions — the highest interruption rating in the market for DC MCBs.
  • UL Listed: UL Listed per UL 489B, the standard for DC photovoltaic systems and are compliant to the RoHS directives.
  • Compact, Easy to Install: 17.5mm width per pole construction reduces panel size and mounts onto 35mm DIN rail.

Like all c3controls products, the Series 1110 DC MCBs come with:
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty. Every product is backed by a limited lifetime warranty, unmatched in the industry, ensuring that c3 components perform in the most demanding applications.
  • Guaranteed Same-Day Shipping: Product availability reduces inventory, improves cash-flow and saves money. With c3controls any order for standard catalog items received by 6:00pm ET is guaranteed to ship same-day. Note: Only select styles of Series 1110 will be available for same day shipping.
  • A 90-day money back guarantee: If a customer is not completely satisfied with the performance or quality of any product, c3 will replace the product or provide a full refund within 90 days of the invoice date – no questions asked.

To order a free sample call 724-775-7926 or visit:

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Since 1976 c3controls ( has provided OEMs and electrical equipment builders a comprehensive portfolio of industrial control products that meet the most demanding applications.  By maintaining strict control over the development and manufacturing of all products, c3 is able to provide customers extraordinary value through unmatched quality, competitive pricing, same-day shipping, and a lifetime product warranty. This integrated approach, coupled with a direct sales model, fosters a degree of customer intimacy and innovation that leads the industry.
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