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WAC-STRUT Stealth Framing Projector named Best Product by EdisonReport

WAC-STRUT Stealth Framing Projector named Best Product by EdisonReport

WAC Lighting Co.
NEW YORK --- Developed as an innovative accent LED luminaire that can shape and zoom light on art and objects, the new WAC-STRUT Framing Projector from WAC Lighting was named Best Product by EdisonReport, at a recent trade show.

According to EdisonReport/Designing Lighting Publisher Randy Reid, “The innovative WAC-STRUT Framing Projector is exceptional!  I really love that product.”

"We are proud that our new WAC-STRUT Framing Projector was acknowledged as the 'Best Product' from Edison Report," explained Tom Lillie, Director of Specification Sales for WAC Lighting and Modern Forms. "Designed as an accent luminaire that can highlight art and objects, this innovative LED luminaire operates as part of our WAC-STRUT lighting, electrical, and power system to project a crisp, square, or rectangular area of light to frame artwork, sculpture, or architectural elements."

“Like a quality camera lens,” Mr. Lillie continued, “The Framing Projector contains adjustable lenses and shims to frame or highlight art objects, providing maximum visual impact by zooming in, zooming out, or using a custom-cut gobo to shape the light in complex designs."

The sleek, minimalist designed fixture is offered in white and black electrostatically powder-coated and anodized finishes to complement museums, art galleries and fine homes. The LED luminaire installs magnetically and mechanically into the WAC-STRUT system and can be mounted on the ceiling or wall vertically or horizontally. The WAC-STRUT Framing Projector dims from 100 to 1 percent using electronic low voltage, TRIAC, and 0-10V dimmers and features stealth armature with a 360-degree horizontal rotation and 90-degree vertical aiming.

About WAC  
For nearly 40 years, WAC Lighting has operated at the forefront of the lighting industry and prides itself on operating responsibly and building sustainable products that are progressive in design and technology. Groundbreaking innovations in LEDs, materials engineering, and creative optical design pave the way for endless possibilities. WAC is a world-class operation with thoroughly tested products in its proprietary, internationally recognized NVLAP, UL and ETL-certified testing laboratory.

WAC Headquarters is located in Port Washington, New York. For additional information, contact WAC at or 1.800.526.2588.
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