Emerson Line-Interactive UPS Delivers Industrial Power Protection

Emerson Line-Interactive UPS Delivers Industrial Power Protection

As part of its strategy to ensure customers of total protection from unexpected power disruptions, Emerson has introduced the SolaHD SSW Series of mini-tower line-interactive UPS.

Available in capacities up to 1440VA/1200W, the SSW Series represent an economical choice for industrial applications requiring the performance of a sinewave output, line interactive UPS housed in a compact  mini-tower shape for cabinet installations. It has built-in protection for under and over voltage conditions including low-energy lightning surges introduced on the input power source.

In addition, the UPS come equipped with an input circuit protector and surge protected data line connectors. Utility power is continually protected by SSW Series UPS to prevent highly sensitive equipment, such as PC’s, automatic service and dispensing equipment, robotics, industrial automation devices, PLC’s and computer peripherals, from being damaged in the event of surges, spikes, lightning strikes, blackouts and other severe power disturbances.
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