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Appleton™ Code●Master™ Jr. LED Luminaire by Emerson

Appleton™ Code●Master™ Jr. LED Luminaire by Emerson

Emerson is combining the energy-efficiency of LED solid state technology with the familiar lighting patterns of traditional incandescent and HID fixtures in its new explosionproof Appleton™ Code●Master™ Jr. LED factory sealed luminaire. Compatibility with existing Code●Master Jr. products makes it easy to retrofit an existing installation. The compact, simple-to-install fixture delivers crisp white light for superior color rendering and a safer working environment, while allowing facility managers to take full advantage of impressive LED cost savings.

Engineered to ensure the utmost flexibility in demanding locations, the Appleton Code●Master Jr. LED is available in models producing 1600 or 3000 nominal lumens, which is the equivalent of 100W incandescent (50W HID) or 300W incandescent (70-100W HID), and in 5150 lumens (100-150 HID). Unlike incandescent and HID lamps, the Appleton Code●Master Jr. LED emits little or no heat, safeguarding the life of the internal elements of the fixture. A broad range of temperature tolerances allows it to run at maximum efficiency between -40°C up to +55°C. It turns "on" instantly in extreme ambient temperatures without flickering or requiring the 5-10 minute warm-up time of HIDs.

Depending on usage requirements, the Code●Master Jr. LED can be mounted with either pendant, ceiling, stanchion or wall bracket mounts. For Class I, Division 1 Group B applications a Group B rated mounting hood can also be used. Rated NEMA 3R and 4X, these fixtures are equally suitable for coastal saltwater locations and other wet environments that would damage standard lighting fixtures. Customers can choose from optional standard dome or angled dome fiberglass reinforced reflectors. An optional aluminum guard offers improved protection against accidents or vandalism.
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