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  • Appleton™ Baymaster™ LED

    Appleton Grp LLC

    Appleton™ Baymaster™ LED

    The Baymaster™ LED answers the high bay luminaire need for improved lighting quality with unprecedented innovation and unique-to-industry design.

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  • Lutron C.L Dimmer Benefits

    Lutron Electronics Co., Inc.

    Lutron C.L Dimmer Benefits

    Lutron C.L dimmers are designed to control dimmable LEDs, Incandescent, and halogen bulbs. Designed to be installed in every home, C.L dimmers provide superior performance when dimming LEDs.

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  • Calconduit EMT

    Calpipe Industries

    Calconduit EMT

    Calconduit Electrical Metallic Tubing (EMT) provides superior wire and cable protection in a variety of applications and environments. Due to its lightweight material, our thin-walled conduit allows for easy installation and field bending, resulting in reduced labor costs. All Calconduit EMT products undergo a series of QA/QC procedures, ensuring quality performance with smooth and problem-free pulling.

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  • How to Retrofit CADDY Strut Trapeze


    How to Retrofit CADDY Strut Trapeze

    In this episode of CADDY TV, Rick shows how to retrofit strut trapeze two ways: with the CADDY Strut Trapeze Attachment plate (ISSP) for pre-cut strut, and with the Retrofit Telescoping Strut Replacement (TSR1220R).

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  • HyLite LED Lotus Lamp


    HyLite LED Lotus Lamp

    The HyLite LED Lotus Lamp is designed with versatility in mind to retrofit HID, HPS, and MH Lamps. The 180° Adjustable bracket allows the Lotus to be installed in multiple positions and at different lengths.<br><br>It has an ultra-long rated life of up to 60,000 hours, offers years of reliable performance for the lowest total cost of ownership.<br>

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  • BURNDY® RotoLug


    BURNDY® RotoLug

    The design of the RotoLug allows for wire to be landed in a straight line into the switchgear box or breakers. With the reduced need for bending the wire, you save on Labor, safety costs and injury significantly.

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  • Bridgeport's AMC Series gets a great new addition!

    Bridgeport Fittings, Inc.

    Bridgeport's AMC Series gets a great new addition!

    Bridgeport's AMC Series of fittings are some of the most popular fittings on the market. Now we have the AMC-50QI to add to the family!

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  • Klein Illumination

    Klein Tools, Inc.

    Klein Illumination

    Take a look at the new illumination line from Klein Tools. Bright. Durable. Focused.

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