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  • HyLite LED Lotus Lamp


    HyLite LED Lotus Lamp

    The HyLite LED Lotus Lamp is designed with versatility in mind to retrofit HID, HPS, and MH Lamps. The 180° Adjustable bracket allows the Lotus to be installed in multiple positions and at different lengths.

    It has an ultra-long rated life of up to 60,000 hours, offers years of reliable performance for the lowest total cost of ownership.

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  • Littelfuse Improving Electrical Safety Using Current-Limiting Fuses

    Littelfuse, Inc.

    Littelfuse Improving Electrical Safety Using Current-Limiting Fuses

    In this module from the Littelfuse University 'Electrical Safety by Design' Series, we learn that designing current-limiting fuses into your electrical system greatly enhances the protection provided to your electrical workers and equipment, while also improving the safety ratings of other critical components within your system.

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  • BURNDY® PAT500SJ-LI Crimping Tool


    BURNDY® PAT500SJ-LI Crimping Tool

    A Pistol-Grip Style 6-Ton 18V Lithium-Ion battery powered crimper with interchangeable cutting jaws available. This tool offers superior balance and advanced ergonomics reducing operator fatigue.

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  • BURNDY® FASTAP Product Introduction


    BURNDY® FASTAP Product Introduction

    The BURNDY FASTAP with Lineman Assist adds innovative features to this tried and true connector technology improving safety, reliability, as well as ease and speed of installation. FASTAP™ adds three unique features to the standard parallel groove clamp: spring loaded Lineman Assist™, duckbill handle, and a conductor side entry capability.

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  • Bridgeport's AMC Series gets a great new addition!

    Bridgeport Fittings, Inc.

    Bridgeport's AMC Series gets a great new addition!

    Bridgeport's AMC Series of fittings are some of the most popular fittings on the market. Now we have the AMC-50QI to add to the family!

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  • Klein Illumination Tools

    Klein Tools, Inc.

    Klein Illumination Tools

    Cat. No. 56026: Inspection Penlight with Laser for up-close lighting in dim areas.<br><br>Cat. No. 56028: Flashlight with Worklight Bright, focused flashlight and broadcasting work light in one tool.

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  • Arlington Box Extenders

    Arlington Industries, Inc.

    Arlington Box Extenders

    Levels and supports the wiring device where the box is set back from the wall surface. Extends the box up to 1-1/2".

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  • IPEX Scepter® JBox™ Hinged Cover Junction Box


    IPEX Scepter® JBox™ Hinged Cover Junction Box

    The new Scepter JBox Hinged Cover junction box opens more than 200° for complete and easy access to control devices and instruments and is designed to work with your existing PVC conduit runs. NEMA 3R and 4X rated, it is ideally suited for indoor and outdoor industrial, MRO and OEM applications and in wash-down environments.

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