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  • “Reliability as a Service” Model Gives Consumers New Options for Backup Power

    Generators can represent a significant investment for a homeowner, who might be eyeing the purchase as another form of insurance policy. They might only really need backup power once every couple of years – or even less. For some, the upfront cost and ongoing maintenance expense can still seem a fair trade for the security gained in knowing a home or business can keep running when others’ lights are out. For many others, however, generators can simply be budget busters.

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  • Improved Occupancy Detection

    Occupancy Sensors have come a long way in just the past few years.

    From the simple “lights on / lights off” of motion detection of early systems, new complete systems from the likes of Lithonia Lighting (Acuity Brands) feature a set of new technologically advanced features and controls, all tied together wirelessly or wire-line through integrated control panels.

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  • Outdoor Lighting – Lamps and Fixtures

    Lighting up the night has been important to us for centuries. The reasons are many and varied.

    • Safety
    • Security
    • Increased productivity, and
    • Aesthetics
    Beginning with early campfires keeping wild animals at bay, we've always turned to lighting to enhance our lives during the twilight hours.

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  • Troubleshoot Common Electrical Wiring Devices and Construction

    Klein Tools has come out with two new electronic AC/DC voltage testers designed to easily check, verify or troubleshoot common electrical residential, multi-family or small commercial electrical wiring devices and construction.

    Both models include four levels of voltage testing and augment Klein’s existing Test and Measurement product line.

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  • Outdoor lighting – Accessories, Controls and Options

    Many outdoor lighting luminaires can be used as is. They work perfectly fine right out of the box.
    But their use and efficiency can be enhanced by choosing options and controls that fit your requirements more accurately.

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  • Lean into Safety When Bending Conduit by Hand

    Bending conduit is a regular task for many electrical contractors, and hand-operated manual conduit benders are often the tool of choice for this chore. The tools are portable, don’t require an electrical connection and the latest products often incorporate features that improve both ease of use and bend-angle accuracy. However, given the mechanical force required to operate a manual bender, contractors need to take care in how they use the devices to protect against possible injuries.

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