Emerson™ Spotlights Appleton™ Code●Master™ LED Explosionproof Luminaires

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Emerson™ Spotlights Appleton™ Code●Master™ LED Explosionproof Luminaires
Specifying LED lighting in oil refineries, chemical processing plants and other hazardous locations is a difficult process, one that is complicated by the presence of ignitible vapors and dusts. To simplify specification, the Appleton™ Code●Master™ LED explosionproof luminaires by Emerson™ are engineered for Class I, Division 1 hazardous environments.

The Code●Master™ LED improves energy efficiency in any harsh, corrosive or hazardous industrial location, delivering up to 110 lumens per watt. They are ideal for both new construction and in retrofit applications where the versatile housing will thread into the existing mounting hoods of the original Appleton™ Code●Master™ HID with no need for rewiring or changing mounting locations. Upgrades from competing luminaires are also possible thanks to the Code●Master™ LED accepting input ranges of 120-277 Vac and 347-480 Vac without a step-down transformer.

Like all LED luminaires by Emerson™, the Code●Master™ LED minimizes end-user maintenance requirements. It generates 60,000+ hours of safe, dependable lighting, eliminating the need for relamping as well as the cost of part replacement. In the unlikely event of failure, components can be replaced in the field using simple hand tools.

In addition, the Code●Master™ LED features a heavy duty copperfree aluminum housing with a baked epoxy powder coat finish for extreme durability in highly corrosive environments. Instant-on performance supplies consistent, bright white colored light with no warm-up time, restrike issues or end of life cycling; this is especially beneficial in locations where lights are often turned off and on.

Appleton™ Code●Master™ LED luminaires are available in a broad assortment of designs with lumen outputs up to 13,700 lumens. The low profile and optional diffused glass globe ensures adequate clearance and minimal glare in low ceiling applications, while the highest lumen output models provide ample lighting at mounting heights of 25 feet or higher. Mounting options include pendant, ceiling, wall bracket and 25° stanchion, all featuring the same Acme double lead threaded design to speed installations. An optional lens guard, safety chain and fuse are available for added protection.

Appleton™ Code●Master™ LED luminaires are cCSAus certified to meet NEC/CEC code requirements for Class I Division 1 and 2, Class I Zone 1, Class II Division 1 and 2, and Class III, IP66/67, NEMA Type 3R and 4X for wet locations, and Marine Outside Type (salt water).

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