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  • Temporary Power in a Box

    It’s time to take a permanent stance on Temporary Power.

    Temporary power, that is, such as is needed at construction job sites, for storm recovery or rental use at outdoor events and concerts.

    These short-term power sources must be just as safe, reliable and durable as permanent, hard-wired electric networks, says Molex, an industrial solutions provider that offers its Super-Safeway Portable Power System as a plug-n-play single box device to do just that.

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  • Adding Corrosion Protection to Liquidtight Fittings with PVC Coatings

    Steel fittings in a variety of formulations have been liquidtight raceway products of choice since the early days of electrical distribution. When these products have been galvanized, a thin zinc coating offers corrosion resistance for use in many outdoor and exterior applications where non-galvanized steel might otherwise rust through. But electrical wiring requires extra protection in more significantly corrosive environments. So, contractors need to consider materials that offer more advanced protection in settings where chemicals, salt spray and other damaging substances are common.

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  • Temporary Power Accessories

    In addition to its Super Safeway Portable Power System (covered by Electric Smarts Network here) Molex offers several accessories to make safe, secure and easily deployed temporary power available on any site.

    Key items include Woodhead Wiring Device accessories such as angled outlet / GFCI boxes that include spring loaded flip lids and high performance SOOW cords.

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  • Contractor Software Goes Mobile with Smartphone and Tablet Apps

    With an average age of 58, according to 2018 National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) figures, electrical contractors might not fall into the “early adopters” category, when it comes to technology use. However, electrical pros are increasingly seeing the value in the range of construction software and other productivity tools now available as mobile device apps.

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  • Fuses – The Weakest Link is Often Your Strongest Link

    If you work with electrical processes or electronics, fuses are obviously a part of your life. While circuit breakers are used for many applications, the good old fusible link in its various forms and iterations is still a necessary part of many circuits.

    Fuses come in different shapes, sizes, and functions. When choosing a fuse for a circuit, choose carefully. The characteristics vary widely, and you need to use the one for the application you're designing.

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  • Shedding Some Daylight on Occupancy and Vacancy Sensors

    Sensor-based lighting control is becoming a must in many commercial and institutional settings. The drivers for this trend include ever-tightening energy standards and increasing scrutiny of energy bills by building owners and managers. How successful those sensors are in actually cutting lighting costs, however, depends on lighting designers and electrical contractors who understand the basics of how sensors work, and which models are best for each application.

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