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  • CADDY Telescoping Strut Replacement Product Demo


    CADDY Telescoping Strut Replacement Product Demo

    In this video, Eric Wilson, CADDY Product Development Engineer, discusses the new CADDY Telescoping Strut Replacement products. He demonstrates the new features of the product and installs the four varieties of end-types: swivel nut, CADDY ROD LOCK, nut nut, and retrofit.

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  • HyLite LED Lotus Lamp


    HyLite LED Lotus Lamp

    The HyLite LED Lotus Lamp is designed with versatility in mind to retrofit HID, HPS, and MH Lamps. The 180° Adjustable bracket allows the Lotus to be installed in multiple positions and at different lengths.

    It has an ultra-long rated life of up to 60,000 hours, offers years of reliable performance for the lowest total cost of ownership.

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  • New from Lutron!  Vive – Simple and Scalable Lighting Control

    Lutron Electronics Co., Inc.

    New from Lutron! Vive – Simple and Scalable Lighting Control

    Introducing a revolutionary, modular wireless lighting control solution for new and existing commercial buildings– with timeclock, demand response, energy monitoring, and BACnet integration.<br> <a href=""><font color="0808ee">Download application guide</font></a>

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  • RACO: STAB-iT™ with Cable Management

    Raco, Inc. - Hubbell

    RACO: STAB-iT™ with Cable Management

    Hubbell RACO® is very excited and proud to introduce their new line of STAB-iT™ Cable Boxes. This revolutionary new line of boxes are designed specifically to eliminate all the extra components needed for installing armored cable into a 4” square box or switch box on any job where armored cable is being used. These products are UL Listed and patent pending.

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  • Plug Load Control Puts Money Back in Your Pocket

    Boss Controls

    Plug Load Control Puts Money Back in Your Pocket

    Buildings are losing money every day due to devices that sit unused, but powered on. BOSS saves building owners thousands - if not millions - of dollars at the plug load. BOSS' Atmospheres is the leading cloud-based system for intelligent energy management.

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  • Orbit's Patented Adjustable Rings

    Orbit Industries Inc.

    Orbit's Patented Adjustable Rings

    Orbit's patented Adjustable Rings provide labor-saving solutions when finished wall depths are unknown. Available for 4" (4S) and 4-11/16" (5S) square boxes Orbit's Adjustable Rings adjust from 1/4" to 1-1/4" and are compatible with as many 3/4" extensions as needed to achieve a flush finish every time.

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  • Synergy Standby Generator

    Generac Corp

    Synergy Standby Generator

    The Generac Synergy matches generator output to actual power needs. The end result is a much quieter, more fuel-efficient generator with exceptionally clean power output.

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  • IDEAL TightSight Clamp Meter 61-763


    IDEAL TightSight Clamp Meter 61-763

    For everything from load measurement to troubleshooting industrial motors and adjustable speed drives (ASDs), TightSight Clamps bring speed, accuracy, safety and ease-of-use together in one rugged meter line.

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