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  • How to Retrofit CADDY Strut Trapeze


    How to Retrofit CADDY Strut Trapeze

    In this episode of CADDY TV, Rick shows how to retrofit strut trapeze two ways: with the CADDY Strut Trapeze Attachment plate (ISSP) for pre-cut strut, and with the Retrofit Telescoping Strut Replacement (TSR1220R).

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  • BURNDY® RotoLug


    BURNDY® RotoLug

    The design of the RotoLug allows for wire to be landed in a straight line into the switchgear box or breakers. With the reduced need for bending the wire, you save on Labor, safety costs and injury significantly.

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  • BURNDY® FASTAP Product Introduction


    BURNDY® FASTAP Product Introduction

    The BURNDY FASTAP with Lineman Assist adds innovative features to this tried and true connector technology improving safety, reliability, as well as ease and speed of installation. FASTAP™ adds three unique features to the standard parallel groove clamp: spring loaded Lineman Assist™, duckbill handle, and a conductor side entry capability.

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  • Klein 15-in-1 Multi-Bit Screwdrivers

    Klein Tools, Inc.

    Klein 15-in-1 Multi-Bit Screwdrivers

    Klein’s 15-in-1 Drivers feature a fixed shaft and internal storage compartment for the bits so they stay with the driver. The Classic, HVAC and Tamperprooof models each feature 14 different screwdriver tips plus a ¼” nut driver.

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  • Leviton Introduces Wetguard Stainless Steel FD Boxes

    Leviton Manufacturing Company

    Leviton Introduces Wetguard Stainless Steel FD Boxes

    Introducing Leviton's new, industry exclusive non-metallic FD Box System. Available in one-, two- and three gang configurations, these heavy duty boxes are constructed of rigid PVC, making them extremely durable and resistant to impact, chemicals, solvents and other harsh industrial conditions. And, the FD Box System will readily accept PVC conduit without the need for threaded adapters.<br>

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  • Caddy + Hoffman: Working Together


    Caddy + Hoffman: Working Together

    CADDY’s innovative fixing, fastening and support products paired with Hoffman’s superior line of junction boxes, enclosures, cabinets and wireway, provide the perfect solution for thousands of electrical applications.

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  • Mercmaster™ LED Low Profile Luminaires

    Appleton Grp LLC

    Mercmaster™ LED Low Profile Luminaires

    Hazardous location and ordinary location luminaires designed for lighting industrial environments requiring greater clearance levels along with reduced energy consumption. With an installed profile of only six inches, the luminaires' installed depth is approximately 25 percent less than its nearest competitor and consumes 65 percent less energy than a standard HID.<br>

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  • Lutron LED Drivers – Guaranteed Dimming Performance

    Lutron Electronics Co., Inc.

    Lutron LED Drivers – Guaranteed Dimming Performance

    Take control of the LED opportunity with ultra-reliable, high-performance dimming drivers from Lutron. Select the brand, the dimming level, and the control method you desire for your application to ensure that what you get on the job is what you expect.

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