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  • Lutron Offers New Commercial Building Wireless Lighting Controls

    Lighting controls manufacturer Lutron Electronics has debuted a new wireless lighting controls system called Vive — aimed squarely at the nation’s commercial and educa-tional office space.

    Vive, Lutron says, includes a family of simple and scalable solutions, ranging from sim-ple area switching and occupancy sensing to individual wireless control on each fixture, connected via wireless hub for central control and monitoring.

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  • Hubbell Lighting Creates Change and Savings in Commercial Lighting

    Hubbell Lighting says commercial buildings in the U.S. account for some 80 billion square feet of real-estate and consume a whopping 36 percent of all electricity consumed in the country. Lighting, Hubbell adds, represents 30 percent of a typical commercial building’s energy use, opening the door for significant energy savings and electrical use reductions via more efficient lighting and controls.

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  • Commercial Lighting Control

    In the previous article, we talked about residential light control and how it's changed. In this article, we bring in the big guns, commercial and industrial lighting control.

    Electric utility bills are high for commercial buildings. And the lion's share of that cost comes from lighting. If you can control the lighting more efficiently, you stand a good chance of lowering electricity charges dramatically.

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  • GE Unveils New LED Technology, Intelligent Environments with LED

    GE Lighting has been busy in the LED world, rolling out new technology and promoting the concept of “Intelligent Environments” using smart-grid controls for LED deployments in streetlights, exterior and interior commercial lighting for office buildings and lighting at home.

    In May at LIGHTFAIR International, GE showed off intelligent environment solutions being rolled out in San Diego and Jacksonville, Florida. In Jacksonville, for instance, a pilot program is using LED bulbs equipped with sensors to help residents and visitors find parking in their cities.

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