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  • IDEAL SureTrace™ Circuit Tracer


    IDEAL SureTrace™ Circuit Tracer

    No circuit tracer has ever been so user friendly. Super-bright models provide a numeric value between 0 and 99 and a variable pitch/tone audible indication. In addition, the peak detector provides instantaneous signal strength feedback.

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  • Lutron Vive Vue, IoT-enabled Management Software

    Lutron Electronics Co., Inc.

    Lutron Vive Vue, IoT-enabled Management Software

    Vive Vue software allows you to control and configure the lights and monitor, analyze, and report on the activity and performance of the lighting system in a building from any smart device. It provides intuitive graphical reporting on energy usage, lighting status, space utilization and occupancy patterns.

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  • Bridgeport Fittings Mighty-Bite® Push-EMT® Grounding Bushing

    Bridgeport Fittings, Inc.

    Bridgeport Fittings Mighty-Bite® Push-EMT® Grounding Bushing

    These items are used to ground EMT mechanically protecting Voice/Data cables. Push-EMT grounding connectors provide a convenient integral grounding lug with a captive nylon 105°C insulator. Meets NEC, ANSI and TIA/EIA-568 standards for cabling in commercial buildings.

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  • Klein Tools Tradesman Pro Coolers

    Klein Tools, Inc.

    Klein Tools Tradesman Pro Coolers

    Klein is taking care of the most important time of the day…lunchtime. The tough Tradesman Pro Soft Lunch Cooler features two insulated compartments and keeps food and drinks cool for up to 12 hours! The Tradesman Pro Tough Box Cooler keeps cool for up to 30 hours and also doubles as a handy place to sit.

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  • Arlington Plated Steel Boxes

    Arlington Industries, Inc.

    Arlington Plated Steel Boxes

    Arlington's 4X4 FSCB44 box and single-gang FSCB24 box offer the simple way to install a steel electrical box inside a concrete block wall.

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  • Arlington Countertop Box Kits

    Arlington Industries, Inc.

    Arlington Countertop Box Kits

    The stainless steel colored, gasketed TRAPDOOR COVER looks great! It closes flush with the countertop, preventing water intrusion and damage to the devices in the box.

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  • Universal's Sign Tube Installation Video

    Universal Lighting Technologies, Inc.

    Universal's Sign Tube Installation Video

    Ed Klonowski, Product Manager for Universal Lighting Technologies, shows how easy it can be to install our new energy efficient LED Sign Tube.

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  • Heavy-Duty Nut Drivers

    Klein Tools, Inc.

    Heavy-Duty Nut Drivers

    Heavy-duty, magnetic nut drivers feature through-handle completely hollow shafts to allow for nut driving on unlimited bolt lengths. Wrench assist provides greater torque while the magnetic tips will grab any nut appropriately.

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