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IN BOX™ recessed COVER KIT for concrete floor boxes

Arlington’s recessed IN BOX ™ COVER KITS install into Arlington’s FLBC4500 (and others’) non-metallic concrete box. They look great, and reduce the trip hazard caused by protruding plugs.

Get power and low voltage in the same box.

Available with metal flanges in brass or nickel – and plastic in five colors.

Hubbell is First to Market with UL 2930 HealthCare Facility Outlet Assemblies (HCOA)

Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems brings the healthcare industry the first UL 2930 HCOA  intended for use in patient care areas of hospitals, medical offices,  urgent care and more. Hubbell’s HCOA products are constructed with a heavy-duty metal housing allowing the HCOA to stand up to rigorous medical use.

The New IDEAL Adjustable Torque Screwdriver

The IDEAL Adjustable Torque Screwdriver is a quality control device used to provide consistent user-settable torque in varying assembly or maintenance applications. The screwdriver includes a variable torque range of up to 36 in. lbs. and unique torque limiting clutch that will disengage once the preset torque has been reached. This feature prevents over-tightening.

Mersen’s Fusible Shunt Trip Switch

Mersen’s Fusible Shunt Trip Switch is an all-in-one solution that meets required codes for safety in elevator shafts. This UL-Listed control panel offers remote load-break capability and fuse protection for elevator circuits. An array of available options allows for maximum functionality to be built into a single compact panel.

Upgrade 4-foot & 8-foot Strip Fixtures to LED

The EVERLINE LED Linear Retrofit Assembly (LRA) upgrades indoor & covered outdoor locations like parking garages, stairwells, & under canopies. Universally compatible, the LRA’s lensed modules are mounted to painted steel panels for the look of a new strip fixture & the benefit of labor cost savings from retrofitting vs. fully replacing.

Design projects quickly. Meet codes. Reduce time and material costs with Vive.

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Simplifying Specification with Vive Wireless Lighting Control

Discover how:
- easy it is to specify Vive on retrofit and design-build projects
- pros are successfully using Vive on their projects
- Lutron design tools make specification and set up simple