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New! Reverse-Phase LED Dimmers: Diva, Skylark Contour, and Nova T

These products work with screw-in bulbs rated for reverse-phase dimming.

Control loads:
250 W of LED / CFL
500 W of Incandescent / Halogen
500 W of ELV transformers

Colors and finishes:
Diva - gloss and satin
Skylark Contour - gloss
Nova T - matte
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New! Diva Light Switch / Fan-Speed Control

Control ceiling fans with a wall control--switch any light kit and change fan speed without pull chains.

Controls all bulb types:
120 W of LED / CFL
240 W of Incandescent / Halogen

3-speed with off for fan speed:
1.5 A fan speed

Available in gloss and satin colors

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Versatile Termination for Grounding

Arlington’s GC50 Grounding Electrode Connector offers savings and strain relief for grounding conductors.

Installs from inside or outside a metal enclosure, through an existing knockout, with no need for modifications.

Listed for #8 to #2 solid and stranded aluminum and copper conductors, it’s HALF the COST of other listed connectors!

Hubbell’s New Insul-Lock™ Connectors and Panel Mounts

Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems Insul-Lock Connectors and Panel Mounts provide entertainment venues a new way to achieve 25A power connections for LED lighting, multiple-screen video walls and similar applications. Features include a quick-release, vibration-resistant latch, the ability to accept #12/3 SO cable, and ¼” solder tabs on the back of the panel mounts.

IDEAL Introduces our Bender/Boot Combo

Electricians’ most preferred bender*

  • Grooved patented foot provides stabilityand leverage while bending on smooth surfaces
  • Textured tread and hand grip provides support for saddle and offset bends
  • Easy to push-on and remove
  • #74-126 1/2 in., #74-127 3/4 in.
* Based on 2016 Vista data

Mersen’s New and Improved STP Series – Featuring a 75kA Surge Rating

Mersen introduces an upgrade of the Surge-Trap® Pluggable Series SPDs, improving overvoltage protection for DIN-Rail applications. The new product features an industry-leading 75kA surge capacity rating, while using Mersen’s patented TPMOV technology inside. Optional remote indication, expanded wire gauge range from 4-14 AWG, MIL-STD-810E vibration tested.