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  • Nonmetallic Electrical Enclosures

    I’ve installed (and replaced) a lot of enclosures over the last 30 years. And I’ve probably used just about every type of enclosure, from small metal EMT boxes with knockouts to stainless steel behemoths that needed drilled or punched.

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  • Managing Industrial Control Equipment with the Right Transformer

    Industrial automation equipment presents a unique challenge for the transformers used to step power down to levels required by their electromagnetic control devices. Such solenoids, contactors and timers are typically inductive loads, and they can create brief periods of high inrush current when they first start up that general-purpose transformers aren’t designed to handle.

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  • Accessorizing Your Nonmetallic Enclosure

    I don’t know if you watched it, but one of my favorite adult cartoons was “King of the Hill.” Hank, the main character was easy to identify with (although I look more like his father, Cotton).

    Hank sold, as he often mentioned, “Propane and propane accessories.”

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  • Expand your retrofit opportunities--simplify projects, meet codes easily, and make buildings smarter.

    Wireless solutions offer simple, flexible, and scalable options especially critical in retrofits and lighting upgrades where scalable solutions can start small – a single classroom or office space – and expand over time to enhance capabilities and deliver additional features such as seamlessly converting from a stand-alone control to a centralized lighting system with the addition of wireless hubs and convenient software compatible with any smart device.

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  • How Power Quality Meters Help Facilities Stay Up and Running

    Investigating potential power-quality issues is rarely at the top of a facility manager’s to-do list, but making an effort to understand how the operations of a data center, industrial plant or office building could be affecting both equipment and electricity bills could mean big bottom-line savings.

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  • Ensuring Power Quality Stays High as Power Resources Multiply

    “Distributed energy resources” – abbreviated DERs – is a phrase that’s being used a lot more often these days, as onsite solar panels, wind turbines, fuel cells and battery-based storage have become common power-supply options for larger commercial and industrial facilities.

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