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  • Littelfuse Improving Electrical Safety Using Current-Limiting Fuses

    Littelfuse, Inc.

    Littelfuse Improving Electrical Safety Using Current-Limiting Fuses

    In this module from the Littelfuse University 'Electrical Safety by Design' Series, we learn that designing current-limiting fuses into your electrical system greatly enhances the protection provided to your electrical workers and equipment, while also improving the safety ratings of other critical components within your system.

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    Clear Insulated Multi-Tap line addition to the UNITAP™ family that is UL Listed to the Wire Connector Standard UL486A-486B and CSA Certified for use with Flexible (Fine Stranded) Conductor. A “disc-pad” screw has been incorporated to prevent damage to the fine strands as the conductor is compressed during installation; eliminating the need for wire ferrules.

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  • Extra Long Raintight EMT Connectors for Solar Combiner Boxes

    Bridgeport Fittings, Inc.

    Extra Long Raintight EMT Connectors for Solar Combiner Boxes

    Bridgeport's RT2XL Rain-tight EMT connectors are perfect for solar installations where heavy-wall nonmetallic combiner boxes are being used. A typical fitting will not have the required thread length to connect to the box and leave enough threads for a grounding bushing to be installed. The 250-RT2XL, 251-RT2XL, and 252-RT2XL fit perfectly for this application.

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  • Klein High-Leverage Diagonal Cutting Pliers

    Klein Tools, Inc.

    Klein High-Leverage Diagonal Cutting Pliers

    Designed and built to exceptional quality standards in a tradition spanning close to 160 years, these 9” High-Leverage Diagonal-Cutters feature an angled head, heavy-duty cutting knives and an extra inch of handle for additional leverage, reach and comfort on the job. Who knew an extra inch could make your job easier? Pick up this Klein tool and you will feel the difference.

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  • AFC Cable MC Luminary MultiZone and MC Luminary HCF

    AFC Cable Systems / Atkore International

    AFC Cable MC Luminary MultiZone and MC Luminary HCF

    AFC Cable Systems has expanded their MC Luminary Cable™ product family to include MC Luminary HCF™ for healthcare applications requiring redundant grounding per NEC 517.13 and MC Luminary MultiZone™ which can replace up to three traditional MC Luminary Cables or three power and three control cables.

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  • Tamper-Resistant Floor Box Assemblies

    Leviton Manufacturing Company

    Tamper-Resistant Floor Box Assemblies

    <b>Meets or Exceeds UL514A Requirements Including Scrub Water Test </b><br>Leviton Floor Box Receptacle Assemblies are the perfect fit for low profile, in-floor receptacle installations.&nbsp; Available in both 15 &amp; 20 Amp 1- and 2-gang configurations, these devices are suitable for wood frame construction with carpet, wood, tile, and vinyl finished flooring.

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  • Leviton Copper Systems

    Leviton Manufacturing Company

    Leviton Copper Systems

    <b>The smart choice for delivering best-in-class performance across any application</b><br>Leviton's copper systems combine top-tier, category-rated performance with a high-density, user-friendly design to deliver the industry's most innovative family of solutions.

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  • Industrial Grade Safety Switches

    Siemens Industry, Inc.

    Industrial Grade Safety Switches

    A focus on VB2 design and why it's important to you. Hear about features of Siemens Safety Switches, enclosures Siemens offers, switches for special applications, and more.

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