Understanding Your Options For Motor Disconnect Switches

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Understanding Your Options For Motor Disconnect Switches

Motor disconnects are more than simple on-off devices. They have become an integral part of the motor control circuit and increasingly offer more control functions. But with all the different motor disconnects on the market, the best choice for your application isn’t always obvious.
In a new white paper, we explore the specification steps to keep in mind when selecting a motor disconnect, as well as the various electrical, installation and enclosure options that will determine how your disconnect functions in its operating environment.
Specifying Your Disconnect
If you follow a few simple specification steps, you’ll end up with the right disconnect every time:
- Evaluate the operating environment. This will determine what type of housing material will work best in your plant or on your shop floor.
- Consider stainless steel. Metallic enclosures are increasingly favored in applications that have direct food contact or that require higher impact resistance.
- Save with polymers. Unless your application requires stainless, polymer housings can offer all the performance you need for less money.
Determining Electrical Design
Motor disconnects increasingly have to meet challenging electrical requirements. Does the disconnect need to be fusible? Is it a 1Ø or 3Ø switch requirement? What HP and voltage are needed? Do you need an installed pilot device? These are just some of the many options to consider.
Weighing Enclosure Options
When it comes to housing your electrical devices, the more installation and design options you have, the better. For one, a little extra space in the box can make the disconnect faster and easier to install. And when it comes to materials, metallic boxes will maximize the impact resistance for high-traffic and end of-line applications, while non-metallic enclosures generally have a lower installed cost and increased customization options.
To learn more, download our latest white paper.

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