New Product News


ABB Welcome® door entry system

The Welcome® door entry system from ABB, the leading power and automation technology group, is a simple, easy and flexible way to meet the home-monitoring and security needs for single- and multi-family homes. It features two-wire, non-polarized technology, which simplifies installation. The outdoor stations snap onto the cover frames, also to simplify installation.

Perma-Mend™UV Curable Repair Patch

Perma-Mend™ is a unique, easy-to-use UV or sunlight activated, self adhesive repair patch. Made of fiberglass reinforced Polyester, it exhibits extremely good adhesion properties for long lasting repairs. Rated up to 2200 PSI when properly applied.

Easy application- just cut, peel and stick.

No mixing, no weighing.

Plasti-Bond Sealing Fittings Feature Patent Pending P5SA Validation System

Our patent-pending P5SA™ validation system available on Plasti-Bond sealing fittings gives additional assurance to both installers and inspectors that the urethane coated plugs are correctly engaged the first time, every time by means of visual confirmation.

ABB CMS-700 energy monitor and control unit

The ABB CMS-700 energy monitor and control unit allows easy access for data collection, analysis and download through a built-in Web server to manage power and optimize energy efficiency analysis in a circuit monitoring system. The system is expanded with new open-core sensors that can be connected to existing installations easily without disconnecting power.

Plasti-Bond PVC-coated conduit Form 8 Condulet Bodies are now certified by UL for Type 4X and IEC for IP69 rating

Plasti-Bond Form 8 fittings offer the most effective way of protecting your electrical systems and proving the best available corrosion protection. Plasti-Bond Form 8 fittings carrying the UL Type 4X and IEC IP69 rating.

Ty-Met™ stainless steel retained-tension ball-lock cable ties

Ty-Met™ stainless steel retained-tension ball-lock cable ties, new from Thomas & Betts® (T&B®), a member of the ABB Group, feature specially formed spring crimps that help maintain consistent tension on the tie after installation.

Consistent tension enables the cable tie to remain in position, even under high-vibration conditions.