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  • BURNDY® PATMD6-LI 18 Volt Lithium-Ion Battery Actuated Tool


    BURNDY® PATMD6-LI 18 Volt Lithium-Ion Battery Actuated Tool

    The PATMD6-LI series of tools incorporate a high speed hydraulic pump generating 6 tons of crimping force and completes a crimp (YS28 4/0 copper  cable) in approximately 2 seconds. This design provides a consistent, reliable connection every time.

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  • Klein Illumination Tools

    Klein Tools, Inc.

    Klein Illumination Tools

    Cat. No. 56026: Inspection Penlight with Laser for up-close lighting in dim areas.

    Cat. No. 56028: Flashlight with Worklight Bright, focused flashlight and broadcasting work light in one tool.

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  • Klein Tape Measures

    Klein Tools, Inc.

    Klein Tape Measures

    We have updated our Tape Measure product line with six new SKUs that feature patent-pending innovative markings: easy to read BOLD lines every 1/8” and extra-large BOLD numbers for improved readability.

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  • Klein Illumination

    Klein Tools, Inc.

    Klein Illumination

    Take a look at the new illumination line from Klein Tools. Bright. Durable. Focused.

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  • All-Purpose Pliers

    Klein Tools, Inc.

    All-Purpose Pliers

    Klein Tools' All-Purpose Pliers combine the features of a wire stripper and long-nose pliers in one. This forged tool can cut, strip, and loop wire, and shear screws. That translates to saved time, money, and room in the tool belt.

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  • Drill Tap Tool Kit

    Klein Tools, Inc.

    Drill Tap Tool Kit

    Klein Tools Drill Tap Tool kit features all the tools needed to drill, tap and deburr in one easy step. This convenient kit comes with 6 commonly used tap tools plus two extra of the smaller sized taps.

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  • GMX System Material Carts

    Greenlee Textron

    GMX System Material Carts

    The new GMX System features a common base and five interchangeable attachments for all your material handling needs -- no hardware required!

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  • Diagonal Cutters


    Diagonal Cutters

    For heavy duty, precision cutting with minimal effort.

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