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  • Adding Corrosion Protection to Liquidtight Fittings with PVC Coatings

    Steel fittings in a variety of formulations have been liquidtight raceway products of choice since the early days of electrical distribution. When these products have been galvanized, a thin zinc coating offers corrosion resistance for use in many outdoor and exterior applications where non-galvanized steel might otherwise rust through. But electrical wiring requires extra protection in more significantly corrosive environments. So, contractors need to consider materials that offer more advanced protection in settings where chemicals, salt spray and other damaging substances are common.

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  • Contractor Software Goes Mobile with Smartphone and Tablet Apps

    With an average age of 58, according to 2018 National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) figures, electrical contractors might not fall into the “early adopters” category, when it comes to technology use. However, electrical pros are increasingly seeing the value in the range of construction software and other productivity tools now available as mobile device apps.

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  • Eliminate the Guesswork and Frustration of Pairing the Right Dimmer to the Lighting Load, Ensuring Job Readiness and Saving Time

    The new Maestro C·L PRO dimmer offers superior dimming performance of LEDs, low-voltage, incandescent, and halogen lighting, reducing the likelihood that you’ll arrive to the jobsite with a dimmer that’s unsuitable for the project. An optional neutral connection makes the Maestro C·L PRO dimmer an ideal solution for most jobs.

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  • New Battery Operated Hand Held Cable Cutters Saves Body Strain

    The days of locating onsite generation or an electrical outlet in order to cut cable appear to be waning.

    Similarly, contractors and electricians who need to cut cable can now do so with far less strain on their arms or backs, thanks to new lines of battery-operated hand held cable cutters such as those now being offered by BURNDY.

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  • Fuses – The Weakest Link is Often Your Strongest Link

    If you work with electrical processes or electronics, fuses are obviously a part of your life. While circuit breakers are used for many applications, the good old fusible link in its various forms and iterations is still a necessary part of many circuits.

    Fuses come in different shapes, sizes, and functions. When choosing a fuse for a circuit, choose carefully. The characteristics vary widely, and you need to use the one for the application you're designing.

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  • Expanded Line of Crimpers and Cutters

    ILSCO’s TaskMaster continues to add to its popular battery-powered crimpers and cut-ters hand tools line.

    The company recently debuted its TB-CUT26ACSR-IS, an ACRS cutter featuring a 350° rotatable scissor head design with heavy duty blades that cuts up to 3/8” EHS Guy Wire and 556 ACSR.  Blade inserts make for easy field replacement.  A DataTrack / USB interface captures output performance and data. The tool is backed by a 5-year TaskMaster Pro warranty.

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