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Liquatite® Flexible Conduit Solutions for Infrastructure Installations

Liquatite® Flexible Conduit Solutions for Infrastructure Installations

Liquidtight flexible conduit types will vary for infrastructure installations depending on the specific application, such as for transportation, wastewater, telecommunications, EV, or utilities. Depending on the application, conduit solutions may require extra corrosion resistance, low smoke/zero-halogen properties, UL listing, UV resistance, high durability, or more. Liquatite® conduits offer solutions for these applications.

In transportation installations, including roadways, tunnels, and bridges, jacketed metallic product types offering a low fire hazard, zero-halogen solution is ideal. Type ZHLA is a UL listed, CSA-certified, zero-halogen flexible conduit. ZHLA has also met additional CSA-Heavy Duty requirements, making it an ideal solution for tough environments. Type ZHSS also offers zero-halogen properties and additional corrosion-resistant protection with its stainless steel flexible core.  

Wastewater applications require the highest level of corrosion resistance, so a stainless steel or aluminum core conduit type is best. Type LTSS is a jacketed metallic, stainless steel core conduit offering additional UV resistance. Type ATXSS is also jacketed metallic with a stainless steel core but can stand up to extreme temperatures with its thermoplastic rubber jacketing (working temperatures: -60°C to 150°C Intermitting to 165°C). Type ALT is a jacketed metallic conduit with a lightweight, aluminum core, offering additional UV resistance.

Telecommunications and military installations typically require a level of EMI/RFI shielding protection, as well as UV and oil resistance. Type LA offers some shielding effectiveness, is UL listed, CSA certified, as well as CSA Heavy Duty, making it a great choice for rugged installation. Type SLA is part of the Shield-Flex line of conduits and offers good EMI/RFI shielding protection and is also UL listed.   

In Utility installations, UV protection, oil resistance, and high/low-temperature protection is critical. Type ATLA is a UL-listed, jacketed metallic flexible conduit. It also offers additional CSA Heavy Duty properties, making it an ideal choice for outdoor applications (working temperatures: UL: -55°C to 105°C Air / 60°C Wet / 70°C Oil). Type ATX is a jacketed metallic, zero-halogen offering extreme temperature protection (-60°C to 150°C Intermitting to 165°C). Nonmetallic Type LNMP is a continuous flex, Type A conduit that is UL listed (UL/CSA: -18°C to 105°C Dry/60°C Wet/70°C Oil).
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