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Intermatic Adds New 2- and 4-Channel ARISTA™ Controllers

Intermatic Adds New 2- and 4-Channel ARISTA™ Controllers

New ARISTA™ ALC2-R 2-Channel and ALC4-R 4-Channel Room Controllers help installers do more with less. The versatile controls build on the existing ARISTA System by offering 0-10V/1-10V dimming, plug-load control, standard ON/OFF control, and built-in advanced scheduling capabilities to create dynamic, code-compliant lighting environments.

The new ARISTA controllers make it easy for installers to create customized lighting environments that are tailored to application needs and local code requirements. Two output types with three applications - lighting, plug-load control, and motor load control - give installers flexibility when setting up new ARISTA systems. From simple lighting fixtures and plug-in electronics to light motors and fans, ARISTA can accommodate a wide range of application and load control needs.

Moreover, each ALC2-R and ALC4-R features an integrated real-time clock (RTC) chip. This provides superior timing accuracy and ensures schedules stay aligned across devices.

Install these highly adaptable controllers as part of an ARISTA system to support lighting in office buildings, schools, retail spaces, medical facilities, and more!
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