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Kichler Lighting Launches New and Improved Horizon III

Kichler Lighting Launches New and Improved Horizon III

The sleek design of the Horizon III LED downlight offers 1,000 delivered lumens with low glare for optimal illumination and excellent dimming performance to adjust the ambiance. Also featuring surge protection and power regulation, the Horizon III features improved performance with installation ease in just about any J-Box.

Blending the seamless look of a recessed light with the installation ease of a junction-box fixture, the Horizon III downlight is a versatile recessed lighting alternative. For large spaces like kitchens, great rooms and large offices, the downlights supplement or complement decorative statement pieces like pendants or chandeliers. In rooms like bedrooms, bathrooms, family rooms and dining rooms, they help fill the space with bright light, elevating the mood and the atmosphere.
Horizon III’s enhanced installation and improved performance features include:
  • Designed for new construction, with remodel potential to add new downlights throughout a room
  • Attractive and slender profile that mounts flush to and extends only 0.83" from the ceiling 
  • Close-to-ceiling seal to prevent air escape, keeping heating and cooling efforts inside 
  • Aluminum construction to allow for use in an indoor shower or outdoor covered ceilings 
  • Ability to snap into an array of 4" junction-box options, including a pancake box, for optimal placement flexibility 
  • Recessed flat polycarbonate diffuser for even light distribution
  • 1,000 delivered lumens to provide more light output and reduce the number of downlights needed in a room
  • Consistent dimming, down to 10%, to accommodate a space’s lighting needs throughout the day
  • Wider input range of 108VAC-132VAC for better power regulation and improved LED consistency
  • Enhanced surge protection (2.5KV) to protect the core components of the fixture from unexpected power surges
Horizon III also offers third-party dimming compatibility, tested and validated by both Lutron and Leviton   as compatible with 40 dimmers between the two companies.
Lutron is a trademark or registered trademark of Lutron Electronics Co., Inc., in the U.S. and/or other countries. Leviton is a trademark or registered trademark of Leviton Manufacturing Co., Inc., in the U.S. and/or other countries.
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