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Zero-Halogen Flexible Conduit Solutions

Zero-Halogen Flexible Conduit Solutions

Zero-Halogen flexible electrical conduit provides a low fire hazard solution for applications that require limiting toxic materials of combustion.

These conduits are made of either a polyurethane or nylon jacketing and omit low amounts of non-toxic smoke, have a low flame spread, are self-extinguishing, and non-halogen emitting. These products are ideal for field installations in confined public spaces, such as subways or tunnels.

Available product types include: ZHLA, ZHSS, CEA, HFSLA, HFEMS, HFEMCS, and CLFR. These conduit varieties offer a range of installation solutions for a wide-variety of applications, including: public transit stations, trains, tunnels, elevators/escalators, underground facilities, heating & cooling equipment, hospitals, shipbuilding, data centers, and more.

All Zero-Halogen conduits fall well below the allowable maximums for the following standards:
-UL 94 & UL 360 for flammability
-ASTM E162 for low flame spread
-ASTM E662 for low smoke generation
-Bombardier SMP800-C for toxic gas production
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