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Liquatite® Flexible Conduit for Rail & Transit are Buy America Certified

Liquatite® Flexible Conduit for Rail & Transit are Buy America Certified

Electri-Flex Company manufactures halogen-free, flexible electrical Liquatite® conduit, ideally suited for Rail and Transit applications. These conduits are Made in the USA, which includes the raw materials they are made of, providing both Buy America and Buy American Compliance that is key for federal transportation installations.

Rail & Transit Applications
Liquatite® flexible conduit Types ZHLA, ZHSS, and CEA are all ideal conduit solutions for the Rail & Transit market. These conduits are durable, flexible, liquidtight, and can be a solution for corrosion, sunlight, rodents, chemicals, oils, hydrocarbons, ozone, and more. Their halogen-free polyurethane jacketing offers a low flame spread, low smoke, self-extinguishing, zero-halogen solution for applications in confined public areas, such as subways or tunnels. Additional applications could include bridges, highways, ventilation connections, electrical road signage, railcar construction, raceway installations, lighting whips, and more.

The Made in USA Difference
Electri-Flex manufactures an assortment of Liquatite® products that are Made in the USA, including Buy America and Buy American (ARRA) Compliant. Both Buy America and Buy American compliances are important considerations when selecting materials for Rail & Transit applications.

The Buy America Act is administered by the Department of Transportation (DOT), and its purpose is to encourage the use of domestically produced products in federal transportation construction projects. Buy America requires both the product and materials used to manufacture the product to be 100% sourced and produced in the United States. The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), Federal Transit Authority (FTA), and other Department of Transportation agencies can require Buy America Compliance for purchase in these transportation applications. Liquatite® Types ZHLA and ZHSS are both Buy America Compliant.

The Buy American Act, not to be confused with the Buy America Act, applies to all U.S. federal government agency purchases and similarly, requires products and materials to be American Made. However, Buy American only requires 51% of the product’s components to be made in the United States. Nearly all Electri-Flex conduit conforms to the Buy American Act, including product Types ZHLA, ZHSS, and CEA.
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