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Semiconductor Fuses with Higher Amperage Ratings in Smaller Case Sizes

Semiconductor Fuses with Higher Amperage Ratings in Smaller Case Sizes

The Littelfuse award-winning Powr-Speed PSR series of high-speed semiconductor square-body fuses keeps growing. There are new amperage ratings for customers who need higher current in smaller case sizes. They offer a more economical solution to protect sensitive semiconductor devices from overcurrent surges and extend the life of critical power equipment.

PSR high-speed square-body fuse features include:

  • Extremely current limiting properties to protect components and devices
  • Higher amperage rating in a smaller case size for added design and cost flexibility
  • Silicone sealant to prevent leakage for increased reliability
  • Low watt loss to reduce energy wasted during operation
  • Optimized performance for balanced speed of operation, energy efficiency and longevity
  • A broader range of amperage ratings in eight case sizes to accommodate more applications
  • Flush-end, bolted-blade and DIN-blade styles for mounting versatility
  • Environment-friendly RoHS and REACH compliance to offer greater acceptance globally 
Applications include:

  • Power conversion devices (UPS, inverter, rectifiers, drives)
  • Dc systems (dc common bus, dc injection braking)
  • Battery protection applications (energy storage systems)
  • Electric vehicle charging stations
  • Heaters and power supplies

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