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Leviton Smart Wallbox Sensors

Leviton Smart Wallbox Sensors

Smart Wallbox Sensors provide a simple sensing and dimming control solution for easy energy savings and local control. Enable and configure additional capabilities with the App.

Smart Wallbox Sensors combine occupancy/vacancy sensing technology with 0-10V dimming control (ODD10-IDx and ODD24-IDx) and ON/OFF switching (ODS15-IDx). The sensors feature simple pushbutton programming for most common options as well as an App for advanced configuration.

Use the Smart Sensor App to adjust the operating mode for occupancy or vacancy as well as sensitivity and timeouts, setup partial-ON and partial-OFF levels along with partial-OFF timeouts, enable the integrated photocell for daylighting hold-OFF, and customize the nightlight feature from a wide selection of RGB colors. The App also allows users to name devices and create a security code to lock configuration settings.
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