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American Made Liquatite®

American Made Liquatite®

Electri-Flex Co.
ELECTRI-FLEX COMPANY manufactures American Made flexible conduit solutions from their facility in Roselle, IL. Liquatite® conduits are also sourced from American Made materials, providing top-quality solutions that are both Buy America and Buy American (ARRA) Compliant. Locally sourced conduit materials arrive faster than those sourced internationally, leading to quicker turnaround times, and getting products in the hands of customers for faster installations.

Made in America, For America
Electri-Flex manufactures an assortment of Liquatite® flexible conduits that are Made in the USA. These conduits solve design challenges for any application, including data centers, transit, rail, bridges, airports, ports, utility, defense, and other key infrastructure installations. Liquatite® offers a variety of conduit types that provide solutions for high/low-temperature environments, halogen-free or low smoke installations, UL/CSA requirements, liquidtight, UV-resistant, corrosion-resistant stainless steel, EMI/RFI shielding, and many more. Conduits are built to withstand extreme conditions and harsh environments, as well as meet specifications for local and federal requirements.

Liquatite® flexible conduits offer many varieties that are both Buy America and Buy American compliant, key requirements for government-funded projects, specifically rail and transit installations.
Non-Metallic Hole Cover Kits
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