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WAC Lighting introduces dweLED Atlas LED Pendants

WAC Lighting Co.
Port Washington, New York –  dweLED by WAC Lighting unveils the new Atlas series of LED pendants featuring a unique bold design. Reminiscent of brilliant modern artwork, this unique pendant features three illuminating cubes that move independently.  
The black finish provides a striking contrast with the luminous lines of light while the cube profiles rotate independently for creative display options.
The eco-conscious Atlas LED pendants boast a bright 3000K color temperature with a rated life of up to 50,000 hours. Up to 3,000 lumens are delivered from the 50-inch model. Other sizes include 30-inch and 41-inch sizes.
All dim beautifully and can be used with 120-277V systems.
About dweLED by WAC Lighting
The dweLED collection from WAC Lighting is all-LED technology driven line with a design fit for residential, commercial and healthcare spaces. WAC's dweLED has merged a contemporary and transitional style with functional, energy efficient indoor and outdoor lighting that you will love. Mid-upscale homes with transitional home décor, multifamily high-rise development or assisted living residences. The dweLED collection has options to meet both indoor and outdoor LED lighting needs. dweLED offers nostalgic design elements, beautiful and visually interesting hardware with quality finishes and substantial illumination.
About WAC Lighting
WAC Lighting is a second generation family owned and operated lighting company with a reputation for quality spanning over 35 years. With a history of inventing and looking at things from a fresh perspective to make technology leveraged products widely accessible, WAC Lighting believes that a key part of being a Responsible Lighting company is to provide a product offering that is progressive in both design and technology. Groundbreaking innovations in LEDs, materials engineering and creative optical design are paving the way for endless possibilities.

WAC Lighting Global Headquarters is located in Port Washington, New York, with four factories located around the globe. WAC Lighting can be reached at 1.800.526.2588 or by visiting 
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