Improved Luminaire Performance Benefits — Lower Price

Improved Luminaire Performance Benefits — Lower Price

Engineered Products Company introduces its 4th generation LED Vapor Tight Luminaires with improved performance upgrades including:

• DLC Certified to 5.0 Standard (currently DLC 4.4 Certified and still available for rebates from the local utilities)
• Improved Efficacy and Color Clarity. Improved optic lighting technology distribute very even lumens over a wider target and directly improves employee alertness and performance.
• Illumination Configurability -
• Standard Output — For general applications; office, retail, classrooms, healthcare facilities, car washes, Parking Garages and Parking Canopies, Food Processing Facilities, Commercial Kitchens, Elevator Shafts, Refrigerators and Freezers, Storage Buildings, Outdoor Shopping Centers, etc.
• “New” High Output (HO) — For food Processing, commercial and institutional applications, manufacturing and production facilities, pedestrian and road tunnels, mining applications, and more.
• “New” Very High Output (VHO) — For commercial and institutional buildings with elevated ceilings, warehouses, gymnasiums and similar lighting applications.
• Dimming Capability
• 0-10 Volt Dimming. This simple lighting control interface connects to your LED luminaires or retrofit conversion kits to produce varying light intensity levels and allows the building owner or facility manager to choose what light level is required for a variety of multi-purpose lighting applications.
• “New” – Dim to Off for Energy Management). This benefit allows the building owner, a facility manager, or the local utility to turn-off the lighting system at a designated time or for a shorter time period for improved energy savings.

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