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IntelliBid Estimating Software

IntelliBid Estimating Software

ConEst Software Systems has integrated their IntelliBid estimating software with NetPricer, for updating their materials database with Current Vendor Pricing. ConEst has also successfully integrated their software to import items directly from ElectricSmarts' online catalog into the IntelliBid database and access thousands of item data sheets via the Smart eCat feature.

Founded in 1989, ConEst’s estimating software has fundamentally changed the way electrical, low-voltage, security installation and fire alarm system contractors conduct business by providing the ability to produce competitive bids that result in projects that are managed efficiently and increase productivity. ConEst’s industry experience, in contracting, professional estimating and project management, drives the design of our software with the contractor, estimator and project manager in mind by providing software solutions that are industry smart and easy to use.

ConEst has been a NetPricer partner since 2002. You can find more information on them at:

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