ElectricSmarts' NetPak featuring NetPricer Service

Frequently Asked Questions

(We also like to answer infrequently asked questions)

Can I connect to any distributor?

You may connect to any electrical distributor who agrees to provide you with electronic pricing through the NetPricer Service.

What if my favorite distributor isn't already connected to NetPricer?

We will contact the distributor on your behalf and provide them with all the necessary information on how they can provide you with electronic pricing 24/7. As their customer, you will have the greatest influence over their willingness to participate.

How much does it cost?

An Esmarts' NetPak Subscription is $98.00 per month and includes a (4) Seat License. The base price connects you to pricing from (1) electrical distributor. Additional distributors are $23.00/month each. NetPak also includes Smart eCat Access, Product Data with 3rd column pricing, and a Mobile App.

How do I pay you?

We accept all major credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, and AMEX). You may also prepay by check. If paying by check you must pay for a year in advance. Your account will be charged on a monthly basis if paying by credit card unless you request to prepay via credit card.

Which electrical estimating packages include NetPricer connectivity?

ConEst, Trimble (Accubid), Cert-In Software, ViewPoint (Estimation/Maxwell), McCormick, TurboBid, Vision Infosoft, Best Bid, Red Rhino, ProEst, Electrical Resources. You can also access NetPricer pricing from ElectricSmarts’ Smart eCat.

Does my distributor have to pay something too?

Yes, there is a flat monthly fee to the distributor. If the distributor branch you do business with is already connected to NetPricer there is no additional charge for the distributor to add you.

What type of Internet connection do I need?

Any internet connect will do but the faster the speed the better response you will get back from NetPricer.

Do I need to install additional software from NetPricer on my computer?

No. NetPricer is built into participating electrical estimating software packages and is accessed through these packages with no additional software to load or access.

What happens if my material list includes products not carried by my distributor?

NetPricer can only provide you with pricing for products that your distributor feeds to us on your behalf. You will need to consult with your distributor if you would like them to provide additional pricing information in the future.

Can I connect to pricing from more than one electrical distributor?

Yes, each additional distributor pricing connection costs $23.00 per month in addition to the base charge.

What affects NetPricer's ability to price everything in my material list?

There are a number of factors that could affect your ability to price an item. One is if the distributor does not carry that specific item. If a particular distributor you're connecting to does not carry the specific catalog number from the electrical manufacturer in your material list, NetPricer will attempt to cross-reference it to a like-item that is available from that distributor. In some instances your first pricing attempts may uncover inconsistencies between the data you are submitting and the distributor's data. By bringing this to the attention of your distributor we can usually clear up these inconsistencies following your initial pricing attempts.

Can I get some type of "market pricing" even if my favorite distributors won't connect with me through NetPricer?

Yes. NetPricer has a National NetPricer Market Pricing option that can be offered to you. Since this is a general national market price the pricing will likely be somewhat higher than you would receive from your local distributor. Most electrical estimating software packages allow you to adjust or “factor” the pricing if you choose.

How long does it take to get connected once I've submitted a contract for the service?

This depends mainly on you and your distributor. If you have a good relationship and do a significant amount of business with your distributor, chances are they will approve your NetPricer connection quickly. If you do not already have a relationship or buy very little from the distributor they may want to review your account. This could impact how quickly your NetPricer connection takes to set up.


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