Mersen’s New Video on NEC Requirements for Surge Protection

Mersen’s New Video on NEC Requirements for Surge Protection

Mersen is pleased to announce the availability of a new video that focuses on code changes in the  2017 National Electrical Code (NEC) relating to Surge Protective Devices (SPD). The NEC sets standards and safety requirements for electrical installations in the United States. Mersen's UL Type 1 SPDs provide critical protection to ensure public safety and well being.

This new video outlines systems where SPDs are now required per the 2017 NEC. The video features a map detailing the states that have adopted the 2017 code. It also highlights areas where SPDs are now required, such as Emergency System Loads such as elevators and escalators; Critical Operations Data Systems; Industrial Safety Interlocks, and Fire Pump Controllers.

As it is midway through the 2017 code cycle, it is an opportune time to reinforce these NEC code changes relating to SPDs in preparation for the 2020 NEC.

Click to go to Mersen's National Electrical Code video.
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