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Appleton™ PlexPower™ Fiber Panel by Emerson, Combining Power and Data into a Single Solution

Appleton™ PlexPower™ Fiber Panel by Emerson, Combining Power and Data into a Single Solution

With the presence of flammable gases and vapors, hazardous locations around the world demand electrical products engineered to provide proper protection from dangers like heat or spark-induced ignition. Our engineers have developed innovative advancements in supplying power and data throughout a facility.

The Appleton PlexPower Fiber Panel by Emerson combines power and data into a single enclosure for the harsh industrial and hazardous markets. Building upon the success of PlexPower panelboards, this solution marries PlexPower circuit breaker modules and a fiber patch panel together in one lightweight, stainless steel enclosure. Our PlexPower fiber panels bring hybrid cables (power/fiber together in one cable) from up to 24 field junction boxes back to one enclosure located in the hazardous area, drastically reducing the number of long dedicated cable runs while also limiting potential failure points.  Field junction boxes can also be connected to multiple PlexPower fiber panels, creating redundant pathways to increase reliability.

With an overall decreased total cost of ownership, the PlexPower Fiber Panel saves time, material, and labor. Boasting Class I, Zone 1 IIB+H2, and Class 1, Division 2 Groups B, C, D certifications (NEC/CEC) — in addition to a Type 4X rating — this solution also delivers off-the-shelf replaceable components and quick access quarter-turn latches. Additionally, it provides multiple design options, giving end users flexibility and convenience in configurations, with a smaller, lightweight footprint.

Compatible with Emerson's existing PlexPower platform, the Appleton PlexPower Fiber Patch Panel can be added to or upgraded — an easy to install, operate, and maintain solution for hazardous, wet, and corrosive environments.
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