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Kichler 8TD Series 0-10V Dimmable Driver

Kichler 8TD Series 0-10V Dimmable Driver

This compact 120-277 input voltage power supply is ideal for both commercial and premium residential 24V LED lighting system applications, so you can stock and use one power supply across a variety of jobs. It offers 0-10V dimming control, for multiple linked products to respond at once – dimming to 1.5%. The driver comes enclosed in a compact box that meets NEC® code (no need to purchase separately) and features multiple knockouts for flexibility in driver placement.

This driver works best with the Kichler 8T Series 24V Commercial Grade Tape and Connectors.
8T is a game changer in simplifying tape light installations. It’s designed to perform well at increased run lengths with less voltage drop. The tape pairs with eight possible patent-pending connector accessories that quickly and easily push together to create reliable connections. Best of all, the connectors offer polarity solutions – resulting in illuminated tape regardless its polarity/direction. The benefit: less time worrying about lining up polarity or creating secure connections.

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