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Now Available: Easy-to-Use Surge Protective Device (SPD) Selection Guide

Now Available: Easy-to-Use Surge Protective Device (SPD) Selection Guide

Surge protective devices (SPDs) need to be sized correctly. If they are sized too low, the system could be susceptible to temporary overvoltages. If they are sized too high, it could be damaging to equipment.

This convenient SPD calculator by Littelfuse will determine an optimal MCOV size for your specific system.

Littelfuse Type 2 Surge Protection Devices (SPDs) for branch circuits safeguard components from transient overvoltage or surges by limiting the fault current to a load or the unit being protected.

Surges may be caused by an indirect lightning strike but, the majority are caused by equipment being turned on or off within a facility. These surges damage components costing money to repair or replace as well as create unplanned downtime resulting in unfulfilled orders, missed deadlines, unreliable systems and/or dangerous situations.

The Littelfuse DIN-rail mounted SPDs are available in a wide range of operating voltages and include solar applications. They are ideal for:

  • Power Distribution Centers
    o Load Centers
    o Transformers
    o Generators

  • Industrial Controls
    o Programmable Logic Controllers
    o Motor Controls
    o Variable Frequency Drives
    o Proximity Sensors
    o Barcoding Equipment
    o Machine Vision Systems

  • Electrical Loads
    o Motors
    o Fans
    o Heaters
    o Blowers
    o Ballasts

  • Computers and Communications
    o LANs
    o WANs
    o Intercoms
    o Fire, Security, UPS, or Building Management Systems

  • HVAC or Medical Equipment

To determine which SPD size should be used try this handy selection guide. You must know the reference to ground as well as the type of voltage that is present. This calculator will determine an optimal maximum continuous operating voltage (MCOV) size for your system.
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